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Rosemary Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Rosemary Hair Growth Serum Recipe

It’s not new to use essential oils as natural remedies for life’s problems. But using Rosemary Essential oil to make a Rosemary Hair Serum for quicker hair growth? That one’s new for us. But it’s everywhere and we want to show you exactly how easy it is to make.  Two ingredients, one spray bottle, and very careful spritzing is all […]

Easy, Two-Ingredient Face Toner

As the weather heats back up with the start of spring we will all start to notice our faces getting a bit oily. Witch hazel toners are a great way to combat this and we have a great, easy recipe for you to use: a little, DIY, Witch Hazel Toner with ingredients you can trust! Only two ingredients, both from […]