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Summer Essentials- Citronella Essential Oil

One of our Summer favorites, Citronella Essential Oil has SO many awesome uses. We’re going to talk about some of the ways to use Citronella in your everyday life, on vacation, outdoors, and more!

Use #1: Bug Spray

Our pure Citronella is such a great, chemical free way to keep the bugs away this season. We love how easy it is to make bug spray with some water and our Citronella. 

Fill a spray bottle most of the way with water, add between 20-30 drops of Citronella, and give the bottle a good shake! (with the lid on of course) For best use, shake the bottle before you spray on your body or clothes. 

Use #2: Citronella Candles

Creating your own citronella candles for your backyard, campsite, etc. has never been easier. 

Add up to 3% Citronella to melted wax, add a wick, let it set, and put it outside.

Light it up and get bug protection for hours and hours! 

Use #3: Hair Protection

There are many things Citronella can protect your hair from! 

It’s been used in the past for eliminating head lice (and body lice) as well as for protecting hair from sun damage. 

Additionally, some even use citronella in conditioners as it can improve volume and reduce tangles, too.

Use #4: Deodorants

Citronella is a known deodorizer and often used to eliminate stubborn smells. 

It can be added to deodorants for the skin (in skin safe amounts) or in deodorizing sprays and products for some stinky smells. 

Citronella is a strong essential oil though so testing is very important!

Use #5: Diffusing

If you’re one of the people that do actually like the smell of citronella and enjoy it; diffuse it! 

Another reason to diffuse, if you don’t mind how strong it is, could be to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. This oil is a known decongestant and can be used for that purpose, too.

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