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Hand Sanitizer- DIY Scent

Scent Your Hand Sanitizer

Post-Pandemic Hand Sanitizer Stinks! 

Buying hand sanitizer nowadays almost guarantees that, while your hands might be germ free, you have to walk around smelling the gross scent we associate with newer hand sanitizers. And that makes it especially difficult to make your kids put their health first! What kid wants to walk around with their hands smelling like rotten garbage? We want to help. If you bought a gallon sized hand sanitizer to save money or just bought a particularly gross smelling sanitizer, here’s how to scent your hand sanitizer at home! 

What You’ll Need

Scent Your Hand Sanitizer

Unscrew the lid of your hand sanitizer bottle or gallon. Pour a little bit out into a smaller bottle or container or even a bowl if you’d like. This is so that the container doesn’t overflow while you add fragrance oil. 

Pour about 15-20 drops of fragrance oil per 2 oz. into your unscented/stinky hand sanitizer. For this recipe, we used 16 oz. of hand sanitizer, so we needed about 160 drops of fragrance oil (about 0.5 oz.)to scent it the way we like. 

Replace the cap of the sanitizer and shake vigorously (after ensuring that the lid is screwed tightly of course). 

Another method could be pouring the full amount of liquid into a vessel, adding fragrance oil, and stirring until well-combined. However, you would likely then need a funnel to replace the liquid into the bottle after you’ve scented your hand sanitizer. 

Conduct a test by pouring a dime-sized drop of your scented liquid into your hand and massaging it gently into your skin. If it smells good to you, ta-dah! If not, add a few more drops before testing again. 

Important Note

Please ensure that the fragrance oil you choose for your hand sanitizer is one of our many skin safe oils. There are a few that are not suited for this purpose and those will be labeled Not Skin Safe on our site descriptions as well as in the photo for the product. 

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