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Why You Need A Diffuser

There are so, so many benefits to owning a diffuser. Or several. 

We wanted to show you the many wonderful things that you can use a diffuser for or that can be impacted positively by the use of a diffuser in your home or space. 

1. Aid Your Own Rest and Relaxation

Picking a zen, calming scent is a great way to reduce stress and help yourself get great, quality rest. 

Try diffusing our Zen Collection or even your favorite essential oils and see how much of a difference they make! 

2. Great for Kids

You can easily introduce healthy habits to kids with a themed diffuser!

If your kid is sick and you can’t get them to sit through a neti pot or do a steam treatment, getting some essential oils to their sinuses has never been easier!

3. Set the Mood

A great way to create an ambiance, romantic or otherwise, is by diffusing a unique scent through the room!

We love how well our diffusers transfuse scents into the air and help to develop a certain mood.

4. Health and Wellness

When I was sick, my mom used to boil water and have me put my face over it with a towel over my head. 

This is a much less difficult way. 

Clear your sinuses by diffusing Eucalyptus and Peppermint or your own favorite blend!

5. Clarity & Focus

A great way to bring a little focus back to your studying or working from home is with a diffuser! 

Diffuse essential oils that help you to focus or keep you in the moment to assist you with memory and concentration. 

I love to diffuse Orange Sweet Essential Oil to help me think better!

6. Scent Your Home

Sometimes you just want your house to smell nice. It’s that simple!

A great way to add fragrance to your home or space without introducing burning paraffins or harmful chemicals is to just steam diffuse them. 

Maybe you cooked fish and don’t want everyone to know! Or have a pet whose scent overwhelms the home. Not anymore! 

Check out our diffuser collection to start reaping the benefits today! 

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

Looking for the best fragrance oils? Check out our website for the best fragrance oils and organic essential oils for crafting, soap making, candle making, and more! 

Nature’s Oil makes no claims of “expert status” and the company will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the use of the information found on this website.

As with all products, users should test a small amount prior to normal extended use. If pregnant or suffering from illness, consult a doctor before use.

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