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Best of Spring Floral Fragrances

Spring Has Sprung

and we are obsessed with the idea of the weather changing and flowers blooming soon! So, how better to kick off spring than with a list of our favorite and best Floral Fragrances??

Florals are typical for Spring but these fragrance oils are beautiful and unique. Not to mention, they’re guaranteed to make your soaps, candles, body products, or whatever it is you’re making this Spring be the best scent around! 

Without further ado, here’s our list of our favorite floral fragrances. Say that five times fast!

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is a scent that reminds us of springtime rain, flowerbuds, and dew on the flowers. Smelling it is like walking through a real live garden of fresh roses. 

What better start to Spring than roses?

We love making soaps with this one but it would also be great to diffuse in the house to will Spring weather and flowers to come quickly. 

Get yours today and tag us! 


You didn’t think we would forget our actual “Floral” scent in our favorite florals, did you?

We LOVE this scent. It smells like bouquet of fresh flowers. It’s perfect to diffuse next to your fake bouquet of flowers on the table or to make a candle out of. 

Especially with flower petals on top! 

Spring Has Sprung

This lovely Spring scent is a topseller around this time every year. I mean, Spring is in the name, right?

This fragrance oil combines light, blooming florals with soft, powdery musk. It’s perfect for the start of spring; just as the weather starts to slowly warm, so does this fragrance, with blooming flowers in the foreground. 


Probably the biggest fan favorite, Gardenia is a total crowd pleaser. 

It has all the wonderful elements of a floral scent, soft, light, and fresh. But it also isn’t quite as strong and overpowering as the scent of roses or peonies. 

It’s a little warmer than most florals, too! 

Forget Me Not Blossoms

While it’s not part of our “Floral” Collection, the Forget Me Not Blossoms fragrance oil is definitely a beautiful, lovely, floral scent. 

It’s a soft, warm, flowery scent perfect for spring soaps, candles, and more.

We also love that you could make so many puns with the name of the flower. It’s unforgettable. 

Spring Green

It may seem like an obvious choice for a Spring scent. But we didn’t want you to be thrown off by the “green” part.

It does smell like green grass, dewy leaves, and the like.  But it also smells of soft, blooming flowers and the light florals that come with early spring.

This is a great fragrance for soaps this season but also just to diffuse and feel in the mood for the start of Spring.

Try it out, let us know how much you love it! 

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