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Personalize Your Home Spray

Whether you want to freshen your fabrics or zest the air with a seasonal favorite, we have over 500 aroma options to help personalize your home spray. Find our homemade room spray recipe below:


Distilled Water
Spray Bottle
Rubbing Alcohol
Nature’s Oil Certified Organic Essential Oil or Premium Fragrance Oil

Let your setting and the feeling you wish to achieve in each room guide your aroma choice. You can also create different sprays for different rooms throughout your home. For example, lemon oils tend to be great for the kitchen and they are known to scare off fruit flies. If you are looking for a seasonal scent to dress your living room, you can use Autumn Harvest or Cinnamon Orange Clove to create your spray. Lavender or eucalyptus is perfect for bedrooms as the aroma can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Fill a spray bottle 
  2. 3/4 of the way with distilled water.
  3. Fill the remaining 1/4 bottle with rubbing alcohol, leaving enough room to add a few drops of oils.
  4. Add 8-10 drops of oil depending on the desired strength of scent.
  5. Mix, spray, and enjoy!

Be sure to mix before each use and do not spray around food. Also, because this recipe calls for rubbing alcohol, be careful around surfaces or furniture you don’t want affected by this ingredient. You can also use unflavored pure vodka in place of the rubbing alcohol.​

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