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The Science Behind Scent

At Nature’s Oil, we take our job very seriously! We understand and appreciate the powerful connection between the sense of smell and memories and emotions. We’ve made it our mission to help reunite our customers with scents missed from the past, aromas used for therapeutic experiences, as well as introduce fragrances that are destined to become new memories. The science behind the olfactory connection is a simple but profound experience.

When you encounter an aroma, the olfactory receptors in our nose begin to process the smell and sends a message to our olfactory bulbs located in the back of our nose. The olfactory bulbs are actually a part of our limbic system which is one of the most primitive parts of our brain, controlling memories, emotions, and motivations. It is at this point a smell is translated into a feeling. By simply encountering an aroma a process is ignited within our brain, immediately reminding us of people, places, and past experiences.

It is also important to note that smell is our most powerful sense. It is more sensitive, precise, and above all other senses most immediately connected to our brain function.

With the science of scent in mind, our team at Nature’s Oil works to capture aromas from nature as well as create nostalgic scents to help make memories present, provide moments for pause and restoration, or simply inspire.

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