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Meditation and Nature’s Oil

At Nature’s Oil we are constantly exploring the special ability aroma gives us to transport in mind.  Certain scents can immediately whisk you away to another time or place and others can help ground you and create a sense of calm and relaxation.  This aromatherapy experience which is scientific in nature, connects our sense of smell to the emotional center of our brain creating a response linked to emotion and mood.

One way to heighten your aromatherapy experience is pairing your olfactory response with a concentrated meditation.  Like aromatherapy, meditation is a way to promote the health of your mind, body, and spirit.  There are many different ways to meditate and you have probably done it before without even noticing how you’ve worked to re-focus or center your mind and thoughts.  The key to any form of this practice is bringing your mind back to the focus of your meditation even though it will want to jump from thought to thought.  Although there is no perfect form and it definitely takes practice, here are some popular types of meditation to consider:

  • Mindfulness:  In this form of meditation, you aim to stay mentally present in your current moment.  It teaches you to focus, find calm, peace, and general deeper awareness of ourselves.  For example, you can find a moment of mindful meditation in a part of your every day routine.  Breathe, observe, and use your six senses to fully engage in a task such as enjoying a sandwich at lunch or making the bed.
  • Mantra:  Within mantra meditation, you repeat a word or phrase over and over again.  This mantra can be spoken, repeated in the mind or chanted. This form is also used to focus your mind, in this case, on the mantra.  You can pick one that suits your intention, such as, “I am grateful, I am strong, I am love,” and breathe the words in and out.  If you pick a chant, such as “OM,” pronounced, “aaaaa-uu-eeeemm,” you will find that the sounds can move you into deep relaxation.
  • Yoga:  Yoga is one form of moving meditation and directly connects the practice with the body.  It is an ancient practice that incorporates movement, poses, and breathing to exercise the mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Sitting Meditation / Zen: This form is probably most typically pictured when people consider meditation.  You find a comfortable seat and focus the mind on one thing such as your breath, maybe the sounds of a meditative track, or again, a desired chant.  You can focus your mind on the breath, slowly mentally scan your body so that you’re present and aware of how you feel and always return your thoughts to the intention of your mediation when it tries to wander.  

In each form of meditation a concentration is created that can bolster wellbeing.  When these practices are paired with a hint of Nature’s Oil, your focus, calm, and balance can be enhanced as well.  Just as you would select a certain intention or purpose for your meditative form, try selecting a certain Nature’s Oil aroma to pair with practice.  You can diffuse during a seated meditation, or create a roller ball blend to wear during yoga or mindful journey through your day.  Shift your mindset and empower your peace with meditation and Nature’s Oil.

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