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Solid Perfume Recipe

Solid Perfume Recipe

Summer is upon us and with that comes heat. And heat means sweating. And sweating means your perfume isn’t going to last the whole day when you leave the house. So, we’re going back to a time when Solid Perfume was the solution to that problem! 

And we actually love love love this recipe. It’s super easy, three ingredients, and is the perfect way to make your perfume last longer. The body butters melt into your skin, keeping the fragrance there for longer than a normal perfume! 

Without further ado… 


-20-30 drops of your fragrance oil of choice

-1 tbsp soy wax (we sell ours through Bulk Apothecary)

-1 tsp shea butter or mango butter (we sell ours through Bulk Apothecary, too)


Add wax and butter to a heat safe bowl. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes or melt using double boiling method. 

Once this combination is a clear liquid, stir in fragrance oil. 

Pour carefully into a tin. Place in freezer for one hour to harden quickly or allow to set overnight. 


To apply, dip one (clean) finger into tin and get a small amount. 

Massage gently into pulse points until fully absorbed into skin. 



Do not allow to sit out in heat for very long. Can be brought along in purse if kept out of direct sunlight. 

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