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Fathers Day-Gifts for Dad!

Searching for the Perfect Fathers Day Gift for Dad?

We’ve got you covered! Here is our best list of ideas of DIY gifts you can make your dad, your kids’ dad, your grandpa, or anyone you want to celebrate this Fathers Day. Fathers’ Day Gifts are notoriously difficult so let’s keep it simple. 

Car Air Freshener:

We think that one of the easiest ways to celebrate is by making your dad an easy, non-toxic version of a necessary product. Everyone wants their car to smell good right? 

Cut a piece of fabric, run a string through a hole, and add fragrance oil to it. Or, you could fill an organza bag with some rice that you’ve added a few drops of fragrance oil to. It’s so easy! 


Use one of the scents from our Sophisticated Fragrance Oil Collection, mix with alcohol, and place in a super neat cologne bottle for an easy, cheaper solution to expensive aftershave. We kind of like our version better to be honest. 

We even have exact duplicates of colognes like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla. Check it out! 

“Mandle” (Candle for Men):

We all know men secretly love candles. Right? 

Make your man or any man in your life a special, men’s scented candle for this occasion with one of our Sophisticated scents. 

We recommend the Bay Rum. It’s totally drool-worthy! 


Not only is it super easy to make melt and pour soap, but you could also buy a bar and add cute packaging like this one from Alpha Mom!

We love the idea of making the ordinary gifts extraordinary to celebrate dads and how important they are. 

Got more ideas? 

Post them in the comments to share your favorite gift ideas! Then, we can all win Father’s Day! 

Let us know if you try out anything from this guide or any others from our blog!

Looking for the best fragrance oils? Check out our website for the best fragrance oils and organic essential oils for crafting, soap making, candle making, and more! 


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