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Summer Zzzzzzzz’s

These summer days are so long that the nights can seem somewhat fleeting.  We try to soak up every last minute of these precious months that sometimes the bustle of the day can make for exhausted evenings.  Each day, when it’s finally time to get set for bed, we close our eyes and before we know it, the sun is up again and it’s time to fry the eggs and brew the coffee!  At Nature’s Oil we are keeping pretty busy this summer and also trying to get the most out of those few short hours of sleep so we can awake recharged.  Try our favorite diffusor blends to help lull you to sleep so you too are refreshed and invigorated for the summer day ahead!

Sleeping Beauty

10 drops Lavender

5 drops Ylang Ylang

5 drops Bergamot

5 drops Vetiver

Sweet Dreams

5 drops Lavender

3 drops Rose

3 drops Cedarwood

Cozy Comfort

10 drops Lavender Chamomile

5 drops Ylang Ylang

5 drops Sandalwood Amber


5 drops Frankincense and Rain

5 drops Ylang Ylang

2 drops Sandalwood


10 drops Patchouli Cedarwood

5 drops Aloe

3 drop Chamomile

You can also combine these blends in a roller bottle with your choice of carrier oil and apply to wrists, feet, and neck.  Sweet dreams!

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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